Website Update September 2007                   

I really wasnít sure how long I would keep doing these, but due to the surprisingly overwhelming response from so many of you, Iíve decided to continue. It is truly heartwarming to me that people are so excited about my road to recovery! Every day is part of a journey for me and I enjoy having you along with me.

As I told you last month, I started learning how to drive again using a car that was adapted for people who can only use one hand. Much to my great joy, and thanks to a kind hearted driving examiner, named Buba who took pity on a 60 year old blonde with a stroke who couldnít parallel park BEFORE the stroke, I passed my driverís test. Needless to say this has changed my life completely. I now no longer need to rely on friend and family or a heathcare aide to take me places, and I can drive myself to Chicos and to school. Yes, I am back to work teaching my students at Westminster and doing all my administrative duties as Coordinator of the Piano Department. It has been wonderful going back to school with all the students, faculty and staff being incredibly supportive and helpful. Mel has helped make my return to work easier by making and packing my lunch every day and even includes treats when Iíve been a good girl!!!

Alas, the slow progress of my left hand is frustrating, but I am trying to keep my spirits up because I am improving every week. My range of motion in my arm is much better, and I am able to move it more by myself. While I still canít lift it to the piano, much to everyoneís surprise I am able to move individual fingers. There is no doubt in my mind I will play the piano again. I continue to work hard in therapy in addition to using this incredible Bioness machine at home which puts electrodes on key muscles and sends electrical impulses through my hand to help it open and close as well as grasp and release.

And now for the ever important update as to how Mel is doing in helping me get my hair poofed to its potential!!! In addition to light teasing, Mel has started to master how to be my other hand to hold a curling iron. I know you have been worried about that but were too embarrassed to ask.

Other highlights this month include a family reunion at our house which included my cousins coming in from Israel plus other cousins from Virginia, NY, and NJ. It was wonderful for all the children to get to meet each other plus the childrenís children. We have also been blessed to have our grandchildren so close and have enjoyed having them all over for a Labor Day barbeque and the Jewish Holidays.

So as you can see, my life is full of joy, in spite of my stroke, and I just want to assure those of you I donít get to see, that I am doing fine. Thank you all for caring! Youíll never know how much your support means to me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

With love,


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