Website Update June 2007                   

My Dear Friends!

As many of you know I came home on May 19. To be honest, the first few weeks were a difficult adjustment period for me. I discovered how much easier everything was in the confines of the Rehab Center. Even though everything I need is on the first floor of my house, suddenly my house seemed very large and overwhelming.

However, now that I am getting stronger mentally and physically things are getting better. I am able to walk with a brace and a four-pronged cane to get around most of the time, but use my wheelchair early in the morning or evening when I’m tired.

Much of my time is spent in Physical Therapy (back at the Rehab Center) or doing exercises at home with my Health Aid. In addition I have been most fortunate to have several friends, daughters, and my sister come to visit and spend time with me, which helps keep my mind off the long journey ahead of me. Naturally I have scheduled weekly trips to the beauty parlor and have continued to improve my make-up skills with one hand. But the most exciting part of any day is when I teach 1 or 2 students, which I started doing 3 weeks ago. While it is certainly challenging teaching with only one hand, I am constantly working on finding new ways to express myself to get points across. I must admit that I feel exhilarated when I am teaching. The students seem excited to see me again, and I am thrilled to be doing what I enjoy doing the most—inspiring creative and beautiful music making.

The absolute greatest moment of the month was the birth of my granddaughter Elizabeth Faith on June 2, 2007. She is the daughter of my daughter Amanda Newell and her husband, E.J. Newell. I hope you enjoy the picture below of Elizabeth and her 3 ˝ year-old brother, Ryan.

The professional highlight of the month was the weekend of June 8-9 when the MTNA 2008 Conference Planning Committee met in my house. I had been invited to be the chair of the 2008 MTNA Conference. When Executive Director Dr. Gary Ingle realized there was no way I would be able to make the scheduled planning committee meeting in Cincinnati for that weekend, he asked my husband what he would think of moving the meeting to our house. It was truly and exhilarating experience to have the opportunity to interact with my talented colleagues to plan this most important event. And what an elite group it was—Randy Faber, Scott McBride Smith, Barbara Lister-Sink, Gail Berenson, Marianne Bryan, Gary Ingle, and Brian Shepherd.

I thank all of you for your continued good wishes with your cards and emails and phone calls. I hope to have lots of good news to report in July.

Thanks for checking in on me!


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