Studio of Ingrid Clarfield Winter 2019 Recital


Winter 2019 Recital

Congratulations to all my students for the following honors, awards, and performances since the June 2019 Recital

Keep up all the good work!

MTNA Junior Performance Competition

Winner ~ Alyssa Xu (Alternate)

NJMTA Young Musicians Competition

1st Place – Averie Wu, Sammi Li
2nd Place – Sarah Chen, Taksh Gupta
3rd Place – Lillian Ji
Honorable Mention – Hanna Zou, Effie Li, Alyssa Xu, Arielle Chen

NJMTA Masterclass Competition

Sammi Li (Selected – Advanced level with Jhon Perry 2nd place (Selected – Intermediate level with Helen Marlais

Elite International Music Competition

First Place – Lillian Ji, Dennis Ji, Averie Wu, Hanna Zou, Effie Li, Sarah Chen, Taksh Gupta, Jacqueline Chen

IMPACT Competition

Gold Prize – Arielle Chen (Judge’s Award), Sarah Chen (Judge’s Award), Taksh Gupta Silver Prize – Gracelynne Hao, Hanna Zou

Vivo International Music Competition

1st Prize – Alyssa Xu
2nd Prize – Gracelynne Hao, Jacqueline Chen

IV Future Stars International Piano Competition

2nd Prize – Alyssa Xu Honorable Mention – Jennifer Liu

Crescendo International Competitions

1st Place – Amber Wang

Music-Fest Rising Talents Competition (performed at Carnegie Hall)

Grand Prix Prize – Jacqueline Chen, Alyssa Xu, Jennifer Liu

Enkor International Music Competition

2nd Prize – Alyssa Xu

Online Great Composers Competition

1st Prize – Jennifer Liu (Best Debussy Performance, Great Composer Competition) 2nd Prize – Jennifer Liu (Artist of the year 2019, Great Composer Competition, age group IV)

Concerto Competition

Jacqueline Chen – Winner of the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County concerto competition, will perform the Schumann Piano Concerto on March 29th, 2020 at Delaware Valley University

Community Outreach Performance

  • Effie Li, Sammi Li, Amber Wang, Jacqueline Chen – Performed at Pennswood Village Retirement Home, Chandler Hall Assisted Living, The Solana Retirement Home and Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown
  • Sammi Li – Performed at Brookdale Hillsborough Assisted Living
  • Jennifer Lui – Participated in benefit concert at Bookdale Hillsborough and Acorn Glen in Princeton

More Awards

Sarah Chen
  • RCM Music Theory Level 7 First Class Honor with Distinction
  • Member of Princeton Charter School Croos Country Team
Gracelynne Hao
  • Qualified and attended the 4–week MathPath summer camp
  • Invited to BCA Middle School Math Competition program
  • Math League State Champion Contest: Individual 3rd
    place, Team 1st place, and qualified for National Contest
  • Co-Captain ATOMS (Academic Tournaments of Middle Schools
Sammi Li
  • BMFM (Belle Meed Friends of Music) Performance
Alyssa Xu
  • School Award for Global Citizenship in Honor of      
    Dorothy Fullerton
Amber Wang
  • Paddie Women's Swimming First Place at annual Hill Relay Meet
  • Completed Program in Algorithmic and Combinatorial
    Thinking at Princeton University
  • Winner of 200 individual Medley and Junior Olympics
Jennifer Liu
  • Celebrating Art contest – High Merit Award (Grade 11) and published
    in the Summer 2019 Celebrating Art Magazine
  • Organizing benefit concert on June 29th, 2019 on behalf of
    the Rescue Music foundation
Jaqueline Chen
  • Princeple Violinist – The Lawrenceville School Orchestra
  • Princeple Violinist – Bucks County Youth Symphony Orchestra
  • President of the St Jude's Club in the Lawrenceville School
  • Editor of Science Research magazine of The Lawrenceville School
  • Member of Allegro Council at The Lawrenceville School
  • Community service representative of Carter house at
    The Lawrenceville School

Congratulations Everyone on All Your Accomplishments!