" I loved the class! " ---- Master Class at 2006 MTNA National Conference in Austin, Texas
"...I loved the class! We all had such a good time-especially the students, I'm sure. Most striking for me was your beautiful playing. Wish we could have heard even more! ..."
-- Nelita True (Renowned performer and pedagogue Professor of Piano Eastman School of Music )
"One workshop from her is worth a year of regular lessons..."
"...Ingrid Clarfield's teaching attains the highest levels of creativity. But what makes her truly unique is her ability to de-mystify the road to artistry into practical, easy steps that will be useful in your own studio--this week! One workshop from her is worth a year of regular lessons. ..."
-- Scott McBride Smith (President, Royal American Conservatory Examinations
President and CEO, International Institute for Young Musicians)
"Your session was truly outstanding"
"... What a special treat is was to hear your session at the MTNA National Convention in Los Angeles. ..Your session was truly outstanding. In fact, Iím sure it was a convention highlight for those who attended-and it was one of the best attended of all. The program content was well developed and was packed with an incredible amount of usable information for the studio teacher.
      By the way, your delivery style was also quite impressive. It was captivating and powerful. I could tell within the first thirty seconds that the audience became instantly eager to hear what you had to say.
    Ingrid, through your teaching and your workshops, you are making significant contributions to music and the music teaching profession. In fact, I plan to mention you whenever Iím asked to recommend an affective presenter. I am also personally grateful for your commitment to MTNA and our programs. ..."
-- Gary L. Ingle, Executive Director
Music Teachers National Association
"...The combinations of your witty spontaneity and musical artistry made for a memorable morning."
"... On behalf of New England Piano Teachers Associate we would like to thank you for a stimulating and instructive presentation last month. The feedback from those present was excellent. Your pedagogical remarks regarding practice strategies, keyboard choreography, and having high expectations for our students were very useful and well received. The combinations of your witty spontaneity and musical artistry made for a memorable morning. ..."
-- Carol Chaffee
Chairman, N.E.P.T.A
"...thank you..."
"... On behalf of New York State Music Teachers Association we would like to thank you for three dynamic sessions you presented at the 1997 NYSMTA convention at Skidmore College. We believe the stimulating information included in your sessions and in the master class inspired those in attendance to a greater awareness of the importance of their role as teachers and performers of the powerful art of music. Comments on the evaluation forms were glowing in regards to the quality of material you chose to present and your enthusiastic delivery. ..."
-- Diane Birr Convention Co-Chair
"...I learned more about teaching from your presentation than from any other ..."
"... My Colleagues and I enjoyed your program with Dennis Alexander at MTNA Convention. I learned more about teaching from your presentation than from any other while attending this convention. ..."
-- Sue Hayes ĖDearing -- NCTM
"...Our students and their parents still talk about how much they took away from your instruction ..."
"... You would be as thrilled as I am if you were to see the results of your visit last month. The difference that we heard and saw in out end-of-January recital is the product of your recommendations and inspiration. Thank you, so much! Our students and their parents still talk about how much they took away from your instruction Ė and the teachers are using your books a lot. ..."
-- Noel Liberty --Albany Music Studio
"...I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! ..."
"... I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! The ideas and format of your books are really great and VERY helpful to an enormous segment of teachers throughout the country! Your infectious enthusiasm and marvelous playing were inspiring to me and Iím sure to all those present! I went home to each with lots of renewed energy and commitment to better teaching! Thanks for sharing your perspectives! ..."
-- Diane Goolkasian Rahbee
Composer - New England Piano Teachers Association

University of Michigan

Creative Ways to Encourage Productive Preparation and Practice Strategies to Achieve Artistic Stylistic Performances

     This seminar helps teachers develop motivational strategies for dealing with students of all ages and levels. Ms. Clarfield shares her philosophical and pedagogical approaches to successful practice that will be effective as well as fun and inspiring. Factors and challenges that effect productive and enjoyable practice such as student learning styles, parental involvement, as well as variety in practice strategies will be discussed. This seminar will focus on how to introduce repertoire effectively as well as how to help your students make up goal oriented practice assignments. Innovative technical drills and useful memory aids will also be covered.

Date: January 30, 2007
Location: University of Michigan,



Master Class for Studio of Tomoko Harada at Jacobs Music Company

Date: March 18, 2007
All Saints' Episcopal Church
16 All Saints Road, Princeton, NJ

Music Teachers National Association Collaborative Conference

Pedagogy Friday "Assessment in Your Studio" - Training Your Students to Hear and See What You Do!

As teachers, we spend a lot of time during lessons telling students what to correct. However, what happens when they go home? Some have parents who will continue telling them, but are they really listening to themselves? This session will guide teachers in developing critical listening skills and vocabulary for students from the beginning.

Session with George Litterest - From Technophobes to Techies, Everyone Can Teach Using Modern Tools: Whichever YOU Are, We've Got Ideas for YOU!

Letís face it, many teachers still have their doubts and fears about technology! This session will show how a traditional teacher and self-professed technophobe, Ingrid Clarfield, overcame her fears and is now a ďuser.Ē Super-techie, George Litterest, will continue to enlighten all with the myriad of ways he incorporates technology

March 23-28 , 2007
1st session - Friday 2:00-3:00pm
2nd session - Saturday 3:30-4:30pm

Location: Toronto, Canada



Date: March 23, 2007           Hosted by RCM           

PEDAGOGY Friday: Exploring Evaluation and Assessment


April 14, 2007 - 7:30pm           Location: Manalapan - Englishtown Middle School           Click here to view the program

      Clarfield and Livingston have earned an international reputation for their dynamic performance style and their gift for making piano music understandable and exciting . The pianists involve the audience in their concerts by sharing concepts and ideas about the music as well as asking members of the audience to share their feelings and observations on what they are exploring and learning for each piece. Please join Clarfield and Livingston as they celebrate their over 25 years in their piano performance partnership. "CLARFIELD AND LIVINGSTON AND FRIENDS IN CONCERT: MUSIC FOR TWO PIANOS BY AMERICAN AND RUSSIAN COMPOSERS". Ingrid Clarfield and Lillian Livingston with Laurie Altman, Jeannine Hummel, Kelly Setler Scheer, and Kristen Walkins Performing Pictures at an Exhibition by Moussorgsky, Recuerdos by Bolcom, Sonata by Lees, and Fantasy on Theme from Bizet’s Carmen by Wilberg.


Northeast Area Music Teachers Association

Pedagogy Workshop


Date:June 26,2007
Location: Wartburg College
Waverly, Iowa

Portland International Piano Festival

                            July 11, 2007
This workshop examines the essential elements of building a solid technique that leads to greater musicality and stylistic awareness. Attention will be given on how to achieve the correct sound that will result in desired musical purpose. An overview of the stylistic traits of the musical periods will be presented as they relate to how a student learns and polishes their repertoire for performance. Repertoire and exercises will be demonstrated from Elementary through Advanced levels. Professor Clarfield will incorporate examples from her books, Burgm Ł ller, Czerny, & Hanon: 32 Studies Selected For Technique and Musicality , and Keys to Stylistic Mastery (Books 1,2,3 co-authored with Dennis Alexander) published by Alfred Publishing Company.
WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU HEAR!                                     July 12, 2007
How we move at the keyboard definitely impacts how the audience hears the music. Teaching artistic performance chorography should be an integral part of the artistic process from the beginning stages of learning. This session will address the importance of teaching opening and closing gestures, as well as adapting body language to match the musicís changing moods. Stylistic differences and propriateness will also be discussed.

Master Classes with students of all ages and levels both days

Date:July 11-12,2007
Location: Portland, Oregon



Piano Camp for High School Students A at Westminster Choir College of Rider University

Piano Camp for High School Students A

    July 16-20,2007

Piano Camp for High School Students B

    July 17-23,2007


Location: Princeton, NJ

Perspectives in Pedagogy: Workshop for Piano Teachers

Lectures and Master Classes


Date:July 2-6, 2007
Westminster Choir College of Rider University, Princeton, NJ

Alaska Music Teacher Association State Conference


Date:August 18-19, 2007
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Parents Weekend at Westminster Choir College of Rider University

Date: Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 11:00 am           Location: in Williamson Hall           

Master Class Featuring Students of Ingrid Clarfield

Rebecca Leshures, Sophomore Piano Major will perform Haydn Sonata in Eb Major Kathryn Whitaker, a Junior majoring in Music Education, will perform Beethoven Sonata in d minor "Tempest" .

Louisiana Music Teacher Association State Conference


Date:October 18-20, 2007