Stroke Update March 2008                    

In some ways it's hard to believe I am approaching the one year "anniversary" of my stroke. I have made so much incredible progress, but alas, still have a long way to go. But every day I am grateful for people like you who have been there cheering me on.

Since several of you have inquired about all my bionic gizmos, I am thrilled to report, THEY WORK! My fingers are moving even better, and now they are trying another kind of electrical stimulation on my shoulder to help me lift my arm. The Bioness for my leg has also helped me a lot in just 3 months! The best thing about it is I can now wear my regular shoes (no, not heels) and you all know how much I love my shoes! With my brace I have to wear these extra wide and long "sensible shoes" ( I never even uttered those two words together in my life, let alone thought about wearing them!)

As always, I enjoy visits with my children and grand children, and was especially happy that I got to visit my daughter Julie in Maryland, because a specialist to whom I was recommended , had his office 20 minutes away from her. Would you believe this brilliant child of mine, even managed to find a hotel that was within a shopping center that had a fabulous shoe store AND a Chicos?

So let me share some other exciting news since our last "visit"! I'm back on the road again, doing what I love to do most (except for being with my family)…..workshops and master classes! On February 15, I flew to Tennessee to do an all day Pedagogy Workshop for the Chattanooga Music Teachers Association. It was exhilarating to be back on stage interacting with teachers and students. What made this extra exciting was that I was blessed with the most incredible left hand…………………… Sigrid Luther. She performed so magnificently with me, I was able to really imagine I was playing with two hands again!

On February 28, I gave a master class at Steinway Hall in NYC for the Associated Music Teachers League. In addition to the wonderful venue, fabulous pianos, and excellent playing, what made this extra special for me was that two former students were in the audience, Sabina Pautza Pieslak, and Alicia Wareham. (Please see pictures.) Please also take note of my fabulous new gold cane! What, you're surprised? Actually I'd think you'd have been surprised that I waited this long to get my Diva cane!!!

The weekend on March 21-22 I presented the First Damien Dixon Memorial Piano Scholarship Performathon and Master Class. If you're interested in more information, I hope you'll check it out on my web site.

I am really looking forward to going to the MTNA National Conference in Denver on March 28 where I hope to see many of you, and thank you in person for all your good wishes. I'm also excited that I'll be doing a showcase with Dennis Alexander on our new series, Keys to Artistic Performance, which includes a lullaby for my beautiful granddaughter, Elizabeth.

As always, I am grateful for my wonderful husband, Mel, who not only does an incredible job of teasing my hair now, but has been there for me in so many ways throughout this ( as he calls it) "bump in the road. "

Thanks as always for reading my updates. I will now probably wait several months before writing again. Please know how much I appreciate all your good wishes and prayers!

With appreciation,


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