Studio of Ingrid Clarfield 2020 Spring Recital

Congratulations to all my students for the following

Sping 2020 Recital

Congratulations to all my students for the following honors, awards, and performances since the Spring 2020 Recital

Keep up all the good work!

Performathon for NJMTA Home Front

Performers ~ Lillian Ji, Averie Wu, Dennis Ji, Arielle Chen, Sarah Chen, Taksh Gupta, Effie Li, Gracelynne Hao, Alyssa Xu, Sammi Li, Amber Wang, Jennifer Liu, Jacqueline Chen

NJMTA Spring Recital Auditions

High Honors ~ Lillian Ji, Averie Wu, Dennis Ji (3yrs award), Arielle Chen (3yrs award), Hannah Zou, Sarah Chen (5yrs award), Taksh Gupta (7yrs award), Effie Li, Gracelynne Hao (7yrs award), Sammi Li (12yrs award), Alyssa Xu (3yrs award), Amber Wang (11yrs award), Jennifer Liu (7yrs award), Jacqueline Chen (7yrs award)

XI Chopin International Piano Competition Hartford, Connecticut

2nd place ~ Taksh Gupta (Junior), Effie Li (Junior), Alyssa Xu (Young Artist)
3rd place Averie Wu (Junior), Sarah Chen (Junior)
Honorable Mention Sammi Li (Young Artist)

2020 Camerata Artists International Competition

1st place ~ Alyssa Xu (Junior I)
2nd place Arielle Chen (Elementary II), Jacqueline Chen (Junior II)

Piano Teachers Congress of New York Honors Program

1st place ~ Sarah Chen
2nd place ~ Amber Wang
3rd place ~ Taksh Gupta, Alyssa Xu
Honorable Mention ~ Jennifer Liu

Music-Fest Rising Talents Competition (performed at Carnegie Weill Recital Hall)

1st Prize ~ Averie Wu, Effie Li, Arielle Chen, Dennis Ji, Hannah Zou, Taksh Gupta, Jacqueline Chen

Global Online Great Composers Competition

1st prize ~ Dennis Ji (age 8-10) (The Best Tchaikovsky Performance)
1st prize ~ Arielle Chen (age 8-10) (The Best Grieg Performance and Rising Talents of American)
1st prize ~ Gracelynne Hao (age 11-13) (The Best Mozart performance)
1st prize ~ Sarah Chen (age 11-13) (Rising Talents of American)
1st prize ~ Alyssa Xu (age 14-16) (The Best Prokofiev Performance)
1st prize ~ Jennifer Liu (age 17-19) (The Music of American)
1st prize ~ Jacqueline Chen (age 17-19) (The Best Schumann Performance, The Music of 19th Century and Rising Talents of American)

AMTL New York Young Performer Prize

1st Prize ~ Taksh Gupta
Honorable Mention ~ Effie li

Community Outreach Performance

Effie Li, Sammi Li, Amber Wang, Jacqueline Chen ~ Performed at CareOne at Hamilton

More Awards (in alphabetical order)

Arielle Chen
  • 1st Prize ~ Glory International Piano Competition
  • Silver Medal ~ National French Contest
Jacqueline Chen
  • 1st place ~ New York Concert Festival International Concerto Competition
  • 1st place ~ American Fine Arts Festival Concerto Competition
  • 1st place ~ Prima Volta Music Competition
  • Principal violinist ~ The Lawrenceville School Philharmonic Orchestra and Youth Orchestra of Bucks County
  • President of the St Jude’s Club at The Lawrenceville School
  • Selected as editor-in-chief of Lawrencium, The Lawrenceville School’s Science Research Journal
  • Selected Prefect for Girls Lower House for the Lawrenceville 2020-2021 school year
Sarah Chen
  • Silver Medal ~ National French Contest
Taksh Gupta
  • First Degree Diploma in national Category and Third Degree Diploma in International Category, was invited to perform in Vienna, Austria ~ Golden Key Composition Competition
  • Silver ~ Golden Key Music Festival
  • State Champions and representing New Jersey in the national Competition ~ Grover Middle School Science Olympiad Team
  • Champion ~ Arrowhead B/G 12s Open (SR-L6) Tennis Tournament
Amber Wang
  • Paddie Women&slquo;s Swimming First Place at annual Hill Relay Meet
  • Completed Program in Algorithmic and Combinatorial
    Thinking at Princeton University
  • Winner of 200 individual Medley and Junior Olympics
Gracelynne Hao
  • Gold Medal ~ AADGT Festival “Passion of Music 2020”
  • Honor Roll ~ AMC 8
  • 2nd Place ~ Math Invitational for Girls 8th grade
  • Team Round 10th Place~ Math league National Middle School Championship
  • The Finalist and Organizer ~ School&slquo;s team in the ATOMS competition
Jennifer Liu
  • 1st place Winner ~ American Protégé International Piano & Strings Competition 2020
  • Gold Winner ~ National League of Performing Arts International Young Artists Competition
  • 1st Prize ~ Crescendo International Competition
Amber Wang
  • Finalist ~ New York Young Performers
  • Best American Composer Performance ~ New York Piano Teacher Congress
  • Placed 6th overall for Peddie Women's Swimming Relay at Eastern Championships
Jennifer Liu
  • 2020 US/Int'l Math League Competition Top Winner qualified for 2021 Int'l Math League Tournament
  • 8th US Chinese Essay Writing Contest, Finalist in NJ

Congratulations Everyone on All Your Accomplishments!