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Daniel Haiduc

Daniel Haiduc turned 14 in November, and he recently joined Mrs. Clarfield's private studio in Princeton. He has been studying piano since kindergarten. He participated in piano recitals at the Liederkranz Foundation, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Steinway Hall, Greenwich House Music School, Tishman Auditorium at Mannes School of Music, and Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. He won first prize in his age group at The Piano Teachers Congress of New York Piano Competition, The Brooklyn Music Teachers Guild Intercontinental Piano Competition, Crescendo International Youth Music Competition, and International Grande Music Competition. He completed the 2018 Mannes Prep Summer Chamber Intensive Program, where he took masterclasses from cellist Soo Bae and pianist Gena Raps. Additionally, he performed in masterclasses for professor Meng-Chieh Liu and Alessio Bax. Daniel loves to compose music, and he has been studying music theory, analysis and composition with Eric Chernov. This year he joined the Artemisia Akademie under the guidance of his teachers and mentors, Tema Blackstone and Hung-Kuan Chen.

An honor student of the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Daniel won his school's Spelling Bee championship two years ago. He received the silver medal at the Stevens Mathematics Olympiad, gold and silver medals in the Joe Holbrook Memorial Math Competitions, the merit certificate at the American Mathematics Competition (AMC8), and ranked first in Hudson County at Math League Competition. He is a straight A student at Princeton Middle School, where he plays the piano in the school's jazz band. He loves solving different Rubik's cubes, playing tennis and soccer, swimming, skiing, and watching classical music comedy. He is also passionate about taking aerial photographs and videos in his free time.

Adrianna Ang

Hello! My name is Adrianna Ang, and I’m 13 years old. I am currently an 8th grader at Marlboro Memorial Middle School. My musical journey began when I was six years old. Soon, I began with a new teacher, Marina Young, who had gradually molded my playing both musically and technically over the years. My progression rapidly increased due to her help, but after a few years of lessons, I felt myself losing interest and lacking the enthusiasm to practice. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to audition at Mrs.Clarfield’s studio. During this nerve-wracking process, I remember telling her that I wanted to rekindle my interest in piano again. Thankfully, she immediately helped me by giving me many wonderful pieces to play. I was thrilled to start practicing and felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment. After 3 weeks of lessons as a special student, I was officially accepted into the studio. I won 3 high honors consecutively at the NJMTA Spring auditions, distinctions for all Royal School of Music exams, first place at the Crescendo Competition, and etc.

Other than piano, I play the clarinet in my school’s Advanced Select Wind Ensemble and Jazz band, where we win competitions every year at Hershey Park. I was also selected to be in the ASIBDA All-Shore Intermediate band and the CJMEA Regions band. It is an enjoyment of mine to blast random tunes with my friends in the band room during lunch along with accompanying the 6th and 7th-grade choir on the keyboard. Besides music, I have been dancing for many years and participate in summer intensives for both ballet and hip-hop.

Overall, I aspire to dive deeper into my passion for music, expand my repertoire, and participate in many more prestigious competitions with Mrs.Carfield.

Jacqueline Chen

Jacqueline Chen, a senior at the Lawrenceville School, has been playing the piano for 12 years. She has earned many awards in prestigious national and international piano competitions, most notably 1st place in Crescendo International Competition, the Elite International Competition in New York, Great Composers International Competition, International Concerto Competition/American Fine Arts Festival Concerto Competition, and Concert Festival Concerto Competition. She has performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in Manhattan over 20 times.

What Jacqueline has enjoyed most about her involvement in music is using it to help the community. She organized charity concerts within her piano studio and at her school to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and St. Jude's. She has also traveled to local hospitals and retirement homes to perform for the sick and elderly.

At Lawrenceville, Jacqueline is a Prefect who mentors first-year students, editor-in-chief of the science journal, and is a principal violin chair in the orchestra.

Jacqueline is so grateful for Mrs. Clarfield's positivity, guidance, and unwavering support for the past seven years. She will carry the lessons Mrs. Clarfield has taught her onto the rest of her life.

-- Jacqueline
Taksh Gupta

Taksh Gupta, age 13, is a student of Ingrid Clarfield, Professor of Piano at Westminster Choir College of Rider University. He has been a student of Professor Clarfield for 9 years. He is a 7th grade student at Grover Middle School at West Windsor, NJ. Taksh started participating in piano competitions at the age of 5 and has won numerous awards in the last 8 years. The awards include two time First prize winner at NJMTA Fall Young Musicians Competition, seven time High Honors recipient at NJMTA Spring Audition, four time Gold prize winner at Golden Key Music Festival, two times First Prize Winner at Steinway South Jersey Competition, two time First Prize winner at Crescendo International Competition, Grand Prize winner at Music Fest, Second Prize Winner at Piano Teachers Congress, two time First Prize winner at Forte International Music Competition, two time First Place Winner at Elite Music Competition, Second Place Winner at Camerata Artists International Competition, and 4 time Winner at Young Pianist Competition of NJ.

He has performed at many prestigious venues including performing sixteen times at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, twice at Rutgers University, five times at Rider University, twice at Stockton University, and also at the Kimmel Center.

Music has always been a big part of his life and he enjoys listening to all types of music including classical, jazz and Indian music. Taksh is committed to helping the society and community through his music, by participating in fundraising events like Children Helping Children Performathons to support Ronald McDonald House. He has also performed for local nursing homes. Taksh has also helped to organize a benefit concert for Sphoorti, a charity that helps orphans and destitute children.

Taksh also enjoys percussion in the school band as well as playing the piano in the Grover Jazz Band and accompanying the choir. He enjoys composing music as well, writing the first movement of his sonata, Malum, earlier this year. Taksh played first nationally and third internationally in the Golden Key Composition competition.

Other than music, Taksh enjoys playing a variety of sports. Taksh is a part the Elite Program at Hopewell Tennis Center and has won numerous U10 and U12 tennis tournaments.

Gracelynne Hao

Hi, I'm Gracelynne Hao and I'm 13 years old, an eighth grader at the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional Middle School in the school year of 2019-2020. I started piano lessons with Professor Ingrid Clarfield in June 2013 though I started learning how to play at four and half years old. Since then, I've been really grateful to have Mrs. Clarfield, and I've also been fortunate enough to win and place in prestigious competitions like NJMTA, the International Chopin Competition, Crescendo International, NYYPP, American Youth Talent and Art Contests hosted by Sino-Vision, and Forte International which is to name a few. I've also gotten to play in venues like the Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall, and NJPAC. Furthermore, I love singing and musical theatre. In fact, for 2 years, I was accepted into the Papermill Playhouse Summer Conservatory. I'm also concertmaster in my school orchestra, and also auditioned into Regional orchestra. Overall, I love to be surrounded by music and work hard on it.

Even though I work really hard on music, I'm what some might call a nerd. I all around love school and my favorite subjects are English and definitely math. I have placed in math competitions like MATHCOUNTS, JHBC Math Competition, AMC8, and the National Math League as well as getting into MathPath which was a select camp for other math fanatics like me. In my free time, I love trying macramé, bullet journaling, and reading books. One of my favorite authors is Holly Black. However, for this upcoming year, I'm really determined to work hard and push myself, and I'm really excited for the new opportunities this upcoming year will bring.

Effie Li

Effie is 13 years old, and was 4 years old when she first started learning piano and she took classes with her grandfather. After that she learned with her aunt and got the 3 year award and the 5 year award for the NJMTA Spring Audition. Effie also competed and was awarded in the MEA competition, the NJMTA Young Musicians Competition, and the Composer Commission Competition.

Effie started out as a special student in Mrs. Clarfield's studio and eventually got accepted as a regular student. With her help, Effie has won awards in various competitions, recently receiving 2nd place in the junior category of the XI Chopin International Piano Competition at Hartford, Connecticut and Honorable Mention in the AMTL Competition. She has received first place as a featured star in the Elite International Music Competition, as well as in the West Chester University Annual Pre-Collegiate Piano Competition, the Camerata Artists International Competition, and the VIVO International Music Competition. Effie also placed third in the Piano Teachers Congress of New York Honors Program Competition and was awarded the 7 year consecutive High Honor/Honor award for the NJMTA Spring Auditions. She has also performed in winners recitals that were held in NJPAC, Kaufman Center, and Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall. In an effort to reach out to others through music, Effie has participated in the Sphoorti Fundraiser, Performathons for CHOP and Homefront, NJ, and nursing home performances.

Other than piano, Effie plays oboe in her school band as an 8th grader attending Montgomery Upper Middle School. She also likes to draw and read.

-- Effie
Sammi Li

Sammi Li, 16, was born in Illinois and first studied piano there with her dad at the age of 3. In 2007, she and her family moved to New Jersey, where she then studied piano with her aunt, Yuhui Chloris Li, with whom she has studied for approximately 7 years before being accepted into the Clarfield Studio at the age of 11. Sammi is now going into her sixth year of studying with Mrs. Clarfield and has won numerous awards with her help. Most notably, she was a semi-finalist in the Kaufman Youth International Competition and received Honorable Mentions in the XI Chopin International Piano Competition senior category and the state division of the MTNA junior category. She won first place in the NJMTA Young Musicians Competition, the West Chester Annual Pre-Collegiate Piano Competition, the Piano Teachers Congress of New York Honors Program, the Greater Princeton Steinway Society Piano Scholarship Competition, and the New York Debut Young Musicians Competition. She also received second place in the Israel Bookstaber Memorial Competition while being the youngest competitor. Sammi continues to participate in the NJMTA Spring Auditions, and received the consecutive 12 years High Honors/Honors award this past year. Sammi has had the opportunity to perform at NJPAC, Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall, Lincoln Center, Kaufman Center, and has appeared on WWFM's Kids on Keys series.

Inspired by Mrs. Clarfield's emphasis on the importance of helping others through music, Sammi has participated in Performathons for CHOP, the Ronald McDonald House, and Homefront, NJ and routinely performs at nursing homes. She is a board member of Harmonies of Pianists Everywhere (HOPE), an organization that strives to unite different communities through classical music, and works on the graphics team. She is also a piano tutor for the Do Re Mi Project.

Sammi is a junior at Montgomery High School, where she enjoys playing piano in chamber groups with her peers. Other than piano, Sammi is a flautist in Montgomery High School's Symphonic Winds. She likes to swim, read, write, draw, and watch TwoSet Violin on YouTube in her leisure time.

- Sammi 
Evan Lin

Hi! My name is Evan Lin, and I am 14 years old, a freshman at Princeton Day School. I started piano when I was 6 years old, and recently began lessons with Professor Ingrid Clarfield in the winter of 2020. I have won several awards throughout my time playing piano, including 2nd place in the ENKOR International Music Competition in both 2019 and 2017, 1st place in the 4th Edition of the International Competition for Instrumentalists - The Art of Piano, 1st place in the 2017 Greater Princeton Steinway Society Competition, 2nd place in the Greater Princeton Steinway Society Competition in 2016, and 3rd place in the NJMTA Young Musicians Competition in 2019. I also have performed at Carnegie Hall for the International Music and Arts Society Talented Young Musician Olympia Winners Concert in 2017 and 2019, received High Honors in the NJMTA Spring Recital Audition when I auditioned in 2016 and 2019, and performed in the 5th Princeton Symphony masterclass in 2019.

Besides music, I also delight in being a proud introvert, trying to act future-oriented, and when I am not overthinking things for the thousandth time, I really enjoy learning. I have made achievements in numerous math competitions in the past, am participating in the Science Olympiad for the second year, hope to challenge my shy disposition by beginning a path in Model UN, and like taking unconventional approaches to my studies. I've further developed an interest in CRISPR and biochemistry during quarantine, and I wish to take my passion for science down the path in the future. In my free time, I like to chill and do an assortment of activities like watching videos or coding.

Overall, piano fits into my life by being a source of positive energy for me, and I'm really excited to be taking music to a new level in both achievement and significance with Mrs. Clarfield.

-- Evan
Jennifer Liu

Jennifer Liu, 17 years old, is a senior at Montgomery High School. She started to learn piano at four and she has been studying with Ingrid Clarfield, Professor of Piano at Westminster Choir College, since she was 12.

Jennifer has won numerous awards from competitions including the "I Got Rhythm" Young Artist Competition, Music-Fest, IMPACT, Hartford international Chopin Competition, Golden Key Music and Art Festival, Cecilian Club Piano Competition, Crescendo international competitions, AFAF international Romantic Music competition, Forte music competition, VIVO Youth International Competition, Concert artists international virtuoso competition II, AMTL, Elite international music competition, NJMTA composer competition and spring audition. She made her concerto debut at the Killian Hall of MIT, and she has performed numerous times at Carnegie's Weill Recital Hall and other musical halls.

Jennifer is committed to using her music to help the community. She teaches kids piano lesson, she actively performs for fundraising events and other community outreach programs.

Besides piano, Jennifer plays the guitar. She enjoys drawing and painting, and she has an online art store at ETSY. She also likes photography, reading and travel as well.

Dennis Ji

Hi, I'm Dennis. I'm a seventh grader at Thomas Grover Middle School. I started playing piano when I was 7 years old, and switched to study with Mrs.Clarfield when I was 10.

Studying with Mrs.Clarfield is a very unique experience that has renewed my enthusiasm for practicing piano. She has a way of keeping me happy while still pointing out parts that went wrong. She is also very encouraging, and with her, I am improving steadily faster than before.

With Mrs.Clarfield, I have entered and won awards at numerous competitions, including Elite International Competition(Gold star award), Great Composers Competition(best Tchaikovsky Performance), and Musicfest Rsing Talents Competition(grand prix).

Besides piano, I also enjoy reading, swimming, running, biking, and math. I'm also the current manager of this website.

Lilian Ji

Lilian Ji is 8 years old. She started learning piano when she was 4 years old with Ms. Chloris Li, and came to study with Mrs.Clarfield after two years. She loves every class she had with Mrs.Clarfield. Lessons are always challenging in a fun and encouraging way that she is looking forward to the next one every week.

Lilian enjoys performing. In her words, performance makes her feel wonderful about herself. She is calm, focused and joyful when she is on stage. She won first place for the njmta young piano competition for the 5 years age group in 2018, third place for the 6 years group in 2019, and also won Gold Star award for Elite international competition in 2019, first place for the 13th Tzu Chi Cup Chinese Speech Contest for the 6 years age group in 2019, and also got Future Star Award at Berwin Arts and Dance center 2019.

Beyond piano, she also enjoys drawing, dancing, reading, and playing with friends and family.

Alex Wang

Hi, my name is Alex Wang, a 14 years old freshman at WWP High School North. I started to learn piano at six years old and passed ABRSM grade 8 piano performance when I was 12 years old, including distinction for grade 4 and merit for grade 6. During the Covid pandemic, I felt myself losing direction for my piano practice since I had to stop the in-person lessons, although I kept playing piano every day. Fortunately, Mrs. Clarfield gave me the opportunity recently and my joy for the piano is coming back.

In addition to playing piano, I also play violin. Throughout middle school, I was a first violinist of Community Middle School orchestra as well as CMS chamber orchestra. In 7 th grade, I was accepted into the CJMEA (Central Jersey Music Educators Association) intermediate level chamber orchestra. I am currently a first violinist of Symphonic Orchestra at GPYO (Greater Princeton Youth Orchestra).

Besides music, I enjoy math, computer programming, science, and drawing. In 2020, I received Honor Roll of Distinction for scoring the top 5% nationally for AMC8. In March 2020, I won the first place in Ornithology and "Game on" (programming) events in both regional and NJ state Science Olympiad competition. I have been a published artist in "Celebrating Art" contests since 3 rd grade and my drawing was once selected as the top ten winners in North America. In my free time, I like swimming and martial arts.

I am very excited and honored to become a student of Mrs. Clarfield. I look forward to continuing to pursue my music passion and participating prestigious competitions under guidance of Mrs. Clarfield.

-- Alex
Amber Wang

Amber Wang is a junior at Peddie School. Amber started playing piano at the age of four and has enjoyed learning and performing ever since. She started out as a "special student" of Professor Ingrid Clarfield at the age of 5 in 2010. In 2015, Amber became a regular student of Ingrid Clarfield. Studying with Mrs. C has been eye opening for Amber and helps take her piano performance to another level. Amber enjoys being part of the studio and appreciates all the hard work Mrs. C has put into helping her develop.

Amber has won many awards over the years: including first place in NJMTA young Musicians for many years, Ciclian Club Competition, Crescendo International Competition. She recently won the state division of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) and represented the state of New Jersey in the sectional competition. Amber is also frequently heard on "Kids on Keys" on the Classical Radio station.

Prior to being on the Peddie Swim Team for school, she was on Xcel Swimming. She has competed in various state and east coast championships such as the Junior Olympics and Eastern Zones Championships. Amber is an active student and enjoys spending time helping the school community. She is a tour guide and student ambassador for Peddie School, she is also Chapel Committee. Amber loves math, reading and playing cards with her friends. Amber loves practicing and performing. and hopes to continue doing what she loves.

-- Amber
Averie Wu

Hello, my name is Averie Wu. I am ten years old, and I am in 5th grade. I started learning piano with Dr. David Leifer when I was five. Shortly afterwards, I studied piano with Chloris Li for two years, and she helped me build a solid technical foundation for my piano performance. I was lucky to join Mrs. Clarfield's studio in 2018. Studying piano with Mrs. Clarfield is so much fun. She is a wonderful teacher who is extremely knowledgeable about music and piano performance. She teaches with a good sense of humor and has a lot of imagination. She always challenges me with a positive attitude, and I enjoy every minute in her class. I appreciate her efforts to help me understand and enjoy music and become a better pianist. With Mrs. Clarfield, I have won prizes in NJMTA Young Musicians Competition (1st, 2nd, HM), Greater Princeton Steinway Society Classical (2nd place), Piano Teacher's Congress of New York Honor Program (1st place), Cecilian Club Young Artist Competition (1st place), VIVO competition (winner) and NJMTA spring audition (high honor), XI Chopin International Piano Competition Hartford (3rd prize). I have played in Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall and in Victoria Theater in NJPAC. My performances have been aired on radio via Kids on the Keys-AM program. Besides piano, I enjoy reading, drawing, biking, and swimming. I also play violin in the school orchestra.

-- Averie
Alyssa Xu

Alyssa Xu is a 15 year sophomore at High School North in New Jersey. She started to take piano lessons with Dr. Zhong Chen when she was about 6 and after moving to New Jersey in 2017, started studying piano under Professor Ingrid Clarfield. Alyssa is very thankful to her teachers and the guidance that she has received from them, which has helped shape her into the pianist she is today.

She has won a series of piano competitions, such as Second Prize at XI Chopin International Piano Competition in Hartford, First Place at Sixth Camerata Artists International Competition, Second Prize at III and IV Future Stars International Piano Competition, First Prize at 2019 VIVO International Music Competition, Alternate at 2019 MTNA (NJ) Student Performance Competitions, and Second Prize at 2019 Enkor International Piano. She has performed at prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Kaufman Music Center, and Victoria theater of New Jersey.

Alyssa is also passionate about helping others. She has dedicated herself in the last three years to co-organize Performathon for CHOP – an annual benefit concert held to raise funds for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Alyssa has played in benefit concerts in support of wonderful causes such as Homefront and a teacher fighting cancer.

In her free time, Alyssa likes to read Webtoons and play video games.

Hannah Zou

Hi, my name is Hannah Zou, and I am 11 years old. I am in 6th grade at Community Middle School in West Windsor.

I am currently studying piano with Mrs. Clarfield. Mrs. Clarfield always has a positive attitude, a good teaching technique and I have enjoyed learning with her a lot. I started playing piano when I was 4, with Chloris Li for 6 years. During the past few years, I received many awards, including NJMTA Young Musicians Competition 3rd place for 3 years, NJMTA Composer Commission Competition 2nd place, NJMTA High Honors 6 years in a row, Elite Competition First place, Princeton Festival Finalist, NJMEA Solo 2nd place, NJMEA Concerto 2nd place, NJMEA Duet first place 3 years in a row, Music Fest Grand Prix Winner, Chopin International Piano Competition and StayHome International Competition Honorable Mention. I was invited to play at Carnegie Hall for multiple times. Aside from piano, I am playing cello as well. I also received medals and awards in math competitions like MOEMS, CML and Math League. In my free time, I like to read, play games, and run. I am very happy to have the privilege of studying with Mrs. Clarfield.



Chris Alaimo

I studied piano with Mrs. Clarfield for about ten years while growing up in New Jersey.  Although she had me on the classical track, I also found time to learn jazz piano while I was in high school.  I left NJ in 1986 to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan.  After college, I moved to Boulder, Colorado, to work as a software engineer.  Here in Boulder I met my wife Laura, and we now have two children – Charlie (6) and Simon (2). 

I still play the piano quite a bit.  In fact, I occasionally drag out some of my old sheet music, still marked up with Mrs. Clarfield’s magic marker.  I have also been playing in various jazz and rock bands for several years.  At one point I was playing every week at a piano bar in Denver; however, this is getting harder now that I have children.

I have fond memories of the years I spend with Mrs. Clarfield as a child, the hours of practice, and the countless recitals.  She is definitely a great teacher.

Davina Barr

My name is Davina Barr. I was born in Ghana, South America. I began playing the piano at the age of three and began formal lessons at age five. In 1979, when I was ten years old, my family moved to the United States. Shortly after moving to the US, I began taking piano lessons with Ms. Clarfield, along with my older brother, Wayne. I studied with her for seven years. During that time, I competed in numerous piano competitions on the state, national, and international levels. I have many fond memories being a part of Ms. Clarfield's piano studio. While in high school, I also started my own studio, teaching piano lessons after school, under Ms. Clarfield's guidance.

After high school graduation in 1987, I entered the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Ms. Clarfield's alma mater, as a piano performance major. I had the privilege of studying with Joseph Schwartz, who was head of the piano department at that time. One of the highlights for me at Oberlin was performing in a master class with pianist, Leon Fleischer.

During my time at Oberlin, I gave my life to the Lord. My mind was now focused on ministry and reaching out to help people in whatever capacity. After graduating from Oberlin in 1991, I was part of a fellowship where we ministered, spreading a positive message through music and drama.

In 1997, I came to Ghana, West Africa, working with Oiada International (, a nonprofit organization based in Newark, NJ and Cape Coast, Ghana. Since 1997, Oiada has been working in Ghana in various communities in the areas of education, healthcare, and community outreach. In 2009, we opened two cultural centers, one in Newark, NJ, and the other in Cape Coast, Ghana. The cultural centers specialize in distance learning. Using equipment donated to us by Polycom, we connect Ghanaian students with their peers all around the world, from Alaska to Australia, through videoconferencing. Through live, face-to-face interaction, the students have cultural exchanges and learn that they have more similarities than they do differences.

I'm also a music teacher at an informal school called Mate Masie. I teach students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. I teach a variety of instruments including the piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, and bass guitar. The biggest challenge for me as a music teacher here in Ghana is the availability of instruments. My mission is to equip as many students as I can, with the instruments of their choice. I have a wish list of students and the instruments they would like to play. There's an eight-year-old on my list who wants to play the violin. She checks with me every week to see how our wish list is coming along. It is with her in mind that I make an appeal to anyone reading this page, who may know of individuals, schools, colleges, churches, or organizations that are interested in donating instruments they are no longer using, to music students in Ghana. Please contact us at Oiada International (email:

Last, but not least, I am the keyboard player in a band called Rewop, which is "power" spelled backwards. Our music is a fusion of funk, jazz, gospel, and R&B. We perform original music and also music of artists such as James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, Kool && the Gang, and a variety of Ghanaian and international artists. Rewop performs at various venues such as schools, universities, concert halls, outdoor festivals, churches, hotels, etc.

I thank Ms. Clarfield immensely for the example she has been to me, and for being such an influence in molding me into the musician that I am today.

Wayne Barr
"Hello, everyone. After high school, I followed Ingrid to Westminster. After Westminster, I spent a year as an intern at a church in Nashville. I then went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where I earned masters degrees in sacred music and choral conducting. From there I went to the University of Michigan, where I earned a D.M.A. in church music. I am now Assistant Professor and Director of Choral Activities at Tuskegee University in Alabama the place of Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, William Levi Dawson, and the Tuskegee Airmen. I also teach private piano, organ and voice."               
-- Wayne Barr
Mike Chao
"I have accepted a position at Cal State San Bernardino. I'm married and the proud father of my 5 year old daughter Jessica. Something about music: I'm not playing the piano anymore unfortunately. I can wing my way through most things by ear in the key of C (thanks for the play it by ear lessons!). I now play the electric guitar and bass; I guess I wanted to be Eddie Van Halen more so than Elton John.
-- Mike Chao
Asst. Professor of Biology
Cal. State University
Mike Chao

I studied piano with Mrs. Clarfield for about ten years while growing up in New Jersey.  Although she had me on the classical track, I also found time to learn jazz piano while I was in high school.  I left NJ in 1986 to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan.  After college, I moved to Boulder, Colorado, to work as a software engineer.  Here in Boulder I met my wife Laura, and we now have two children – Charlie (6) and Simon (2). 

I still play the piano quite a bit.  In fact, I occasionally drag out some of my old sheet music, still marked up with Mrs. Clarfield’s magic marker.  I have also been playing in various jazz and rock bands for several years.  At one point I was playing every week at a piano bar in Denver; however, this is getting harder now that I have children.

I have fond memories of the years I spend with Mrs. Clarfield as a child, the hours of practice, and the countless recitals.  She is definitely a great teacher.

Gloria Cheng
"Gloria Cheng (graduated 1991) is now known as Sola Choi and is married to Jin Choi (a violinist and computer programmer). We live in Whitehouse Station, NJ. Jin works from home as a software engineer and I work as a dermatologist in a private group practice. We don't even have a piano in our house any more but hope that will change soon. Our daughter Mia was born in November 2007 and we are expecting another child in March 2008. We also have a dog and three cats."
--love, s. (Gloria)
Jennifer (Liu) Cheng

Hi everyone! I studied with Mrs. Clarfield for five memorable years before graduating high school. Mrs. C was the most inspiring and passionate piano teacher I've ever met, and her passion was contagious! Some of my fondest memories took place in Mrs. C's studio, including watching her colorfully mark up all my music score and always cracking up through my lessons. And how I loved her second side-by-side Steinway setup!

Since then, I've graduated from college, worked for 14 years, got married, and have three kids (ages 5, 5, 1). My daughters started piano lessons about a year ago and we were lucky enough to get Mrs. C's referral for their teacher. I am forever grateful for the way you inspired me as a child and the lasting gift of music that I will bring with me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Mrs. C. I cannot wait to bring my kids to watch your studio's spring recital this year!

- Jennifer
Emiko Janice Edwards

"Hello all! My name is Emiko Edwards, and I studied with Mrs. C for the majority of my precollege career! I received my bachelors in piano performance from The Juilliard School, and my masters and artist diploma from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Currently, I am based in Philadelphia where I teach piano performance and chamber music at St. Joseph’s University and maintain a private studio at Settlement Music School. I have taught at numerous summer programs, and this summer I will be heading the piano department at Luzerne Music Center’s Junior Session. As a performer, I have been featured in performances at Weill Recital Hall (Carnegie Hall), Merkin Concert Hall, Alice Tully Hall, the Tenri Cultural Institute, Milton Court Concert Hall, and the Yamaha Salon, as well as Paul Hall (The Juilliard School). Personal highlights include a recital for the Barbican Center's (London) Sound Unbound Weekend, performances with the New Sussex Symphony, Westfield Symphony, Manalapan Battleground Symphony, Guildhall Brass Ensemble, Cambridge Graduate Orchestra, Bravura Philharmonic, and the American premier of an original composition by Karen Lefrak, as a featured performer in the Youth America Grand Prix Gala (David H. Koch Theater). I have a huge love for contemporary music. My performances of Gorecki's Piano Sonata and Four Preludes as well as Richard Rodney Bennett's Noctuary: Variations on a Theme by Scott Joplin have all been recorded and broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

-- Emiko
David Geng

Hi everyone! I'm David and am a rising Senior at Duke University. I've been studying w/ Professor Randall Love for the past three years, and before Duke studied w/ Professor Ingrid Clarfield for eight years. Crazy how quickly time flies by!

Though not easy, I feel lucky to have been able to keep up music seriously the past few years. Most recently, I was featured on WQXR, one of the biggest classical music radio stations in the US, and performed Ravel's Ondine from Gaspard de la Nuit. Last May, I made my Professional Carnegie Hall Debut, performing a 15-minute solo recital (Mozart's Fantaisie in D Minor, K. 397 & Ravel's Scarbo from Gaspard de la Nuit) as the 3rd Prize Winner of the Professional Category (Ages 19 - 32) of the Debut Int'l Piano Competition, where I competed against those from 10 countries. In June, I was the youngest of 14 semifinalists at the Washington Int'l Piano Competition (Ages 18 - 30), where contestants came from top conservatories such as Juilliard and Curtis as well as professionals. Back in October, I was the 1st Prize Winner of the North Carolina MTNA Young Artist Competition (Ages 19 - 26), and representing NC I placed 3rd at the Southern Division Semi-Finals. Also last year, I was awarded a prestigious Benenson Award in the Arts at Duke, the youngest of 16 recipients, and through this award received a full scholarship to study at the Brevard Music Festival this summer. At Brevard, I studied piano intensively for three weeks and had the wonderful opportunity to perform at a singer's recital.

My Freshman Year at Duke, I founded Devilish Keys, Duke's premiere all-pianist's ensemble. We hold benefit concerts every semester featuring multiple hands and multiple pianos (we once had 5 keyboards!) and all of our proceeds to go A Child's Place, a nonprofit in Charlotte, NC that seeks to combat the effects of homelessness on children's educations. I have also been a volunteer pianist at the Duke University Hospital since my Sophomore year, and always love uplifting the environment through works like Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Aside from the Duke Hospital, I have previously volunteered at the Zhuhai No. 9 Middle School the summer after freshman year through a DukeEngage fellowship, where I taught 150 Middle Schoolers English, math, and music. Presently, I am also a volunteer at the Durham Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Besides music, I am passionate about medicine, math modeling, technology, and health policy and hope to work at the intersection of those fields one day. After graduation, I hope to pursue an MD / PhD, with the PhD in either applied math or machine learning. At Duke, I am a Math Major, and minoring in Computer Science and Chemistry, while completing Pre-Medical coursework. Last year, I was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, an honor typically awarded to excellent Seniors but given to Juniors at the very top of their class in terms of academics and extracurricular involvement.

Outside of music and academics, I will be serving my second term as the President of the Duke University Math Union and previously served as the Director of the Duke High School Math Meet. I also started and am lead instructor of a course at Duke, ‘AI, Medicine, and Policy, Oh My!', which explores the nexus of medicine, AI / technology, and health policy with a particular focus on their sociological implications. My research is primarily in the mathematical /computational biomedical space, and I have undertaken four projects during my time at Duke. My first seeks to explain musical expression as a science, rather than an art, using quantitative techniques, and I have worked on this as a PRUV Fellow the summer of my Sophomore year, and plan to use this as my Senior Honor's Thesis. I have also worked with Electronic Health Records previously, and am currently working on a project that analyzes sleep signals through a signal processing / machine learning lens. This summer, I completed a research internship at Harvard Medical School, where my project focused on signatures in cancer genomes, and I am also continuing that project this semester. While at Harvard, I also had the wonderful chance to take part in an extensive seminar series, where I learned even more about the intersection of technology, policy, and medicine.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to reach out if you want to talk about anything!

-- David

David's Video Links
Ballade #4:
Mozart & Ravel:

Jackie Hua

Jacqueline Hua, age 18, is a freshman at Northwestern University. She is currently on the pre-med track, and is interested in majoring in Sociology and becoming a sports medicine doctor. Her career aspirations stem from her status as a student-athlete, as she was recruited to fence on the Northwestern Women's Fencing Team.

At age 5, she began to study piano with Ingrid Clarfield, Professor of Piano at Westminster Choir College of Rider University. Since then, she has won several piano competitions since age 5, including first and second places in the New Jersey Music Teachers Association competitions, first place of Steinway Society Scholarship Competition, Cecilian Club Young Artists Competition, Golden Key music festival, Chinese American Cultural Association Young People Music Program and the American Fine Arts Festival Piano competition. She has also received High Honors/Honors from the New Jersey Music Teachers Association Annual Auditions for the past eleven years. She has performed several times in New York including Weill Recital Hall and Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall and Steinway Hall. However, her greatest experience as a pianist was her performance during the Princeton High School Winter Concert, when she performed the first movement of the Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto No. 2 in G Minor with the Princeton High School Orchestra at the Princeton University Chapel.

While college brings the end of her long time in Mrs. Clarfield's studio, Jacqueline will continue to play the piano as a hobby. Among her previous repertoire, she will try to maintain Debussy's Claire de Lune and Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, as those remain as some of her favorite pieces of all time.

Emily Huang

I finished med school in 2009 and then moved across the country to do residency in general surgery at UCSF, where I graduated in 2016 then stayed for a year as an acute care surgery attending. The most recent big move was just this summer, to Chicago, where I'm doing a fellowship in colorectal surgery. I'll be looking for a faculty job soon, so I'll let you know where I end up! Fun trivia tidbit: in homage to the fabulous teachers in my past(!), I conduct surgical education research (how to teach better), got a master's in education at Berkeley during residency, and was the most junior faculty at UCSF to win the resident teaching award in 2017.

-- Emily Huang

William Huang
Billy Huang was a student of Ms. Clarfield for 12 years from 1994 until 2005. Billy graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2010 earning duel Bachelor of Science degrees in Information Technology and Management.  He prides himself in being the only former student of Mrs. Clarfield’s to have qualified on an M16 rifle, an M9 Pistol, and to have repelled out of a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter.  While at West Point, Billy continued to play music and participated in various extracurricular activities such as Strings, Glee Club, Chapel Choir, and intramural sports on top of multiple military requirements.

After graduation, Billy married his college sweetheart Krishel. He then went on to attend five months of training in his chosen military branch, Air Defense Artillery, at Fort Sill, Oklahoma before joining Krishel in Fort Hood, Texas. While at Fort Hood, Billy led a platoon (approximately 40 Soldiers) of short-range air defenders using the Avenger weapon system that fired Stinger missiles. Billy deployed in November of 2011 to Ali Al Salem, Kuwait while leading a different platoon in a Patriot Missile Defense System Battery. Upon returning from deployment in November 2012, Billy was chosen to serve as Executive Officer of a Patriot Battery, second in command to the Battery Commander. Billy also served in other roles as an Assistant S3 Operations and Plans officer, and was later hand selected by the Battalion Commander to be his Battalion Adjutant. Billy also attended the Captain’s Career Course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Billy and Krishel had little Charlie in April of 2014 at Fort Hood, Texas. He plans on playing piano better than his father and has already started dabbing the ivory keys a little. Perhaps he will follow his parent’s footsteps and also be a military officer!
--    William B. Huang
Phyllis Ho

"I am currently still an eCommerce Consultant and mother of two (ages 8.5 and 6.5). But, I also started teaching piano again! I now have 12 students and 3 more families are interested as well. It's tough juggling 2 jobs while practicing tennis and piano with my 2 children; but, we're managing."

- Phyllis
Kayo Iwama

"American collaborative pianist Kayo Iwama has concertized extensively with singers throughout North America, Europe and Japan and has performed in some of the most prestigous venues including the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center, Weill Recital Hall, Boston’s Jordan Hall, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Seiji Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood, the Kennedy Center, Tokyo’s Yamaha Hall and the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris. The Washington Post has called her a pianist “with unusual skill and sensitivty to the music and the singer” and the Boston Globe has praised her “virtuoso accompaniment…super-saturated with gorgeous colors”. She was formerly on the faculties of the Hartt School of Music, the New England Conservatory of Music and Boston Conservatory. For the past ten years she has taught at the Tanglewood Music Center, where she is also the coordinator of the opera and vocal studies programs. There she has worked with some of today’s most exciting young singers and collaborative pianists, and assisted Maestros Stefan Asbury, Seiji Ozawa and Robert Spano in major operatic and concert productions. Her teaching has also taken her to some of the foremost universities of the United States to give master classes and performance/demonstrations. A former resident of the Boston area, she was a frequent performer on WGBH radio, and has performed with such groups as the Handel and Haydn Society and Emmanuel Music. In addition she was the pianist and music director of the critically acclaimed Cantata Singers Chamber Series, programs devoted to rarely-heard works of art song and vocal chamber music. This fall she became the Associate Director of the Vocal Arts Program at the Bard College Conservatory, under the artistic direction of soprano Dawn Upshaw.

Miss Iwama earned a Bachelor of Music degree at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and her Master’s at the State University of New York at Stony Brook where she studied with Gilbert Kalish. She also attended the Salzburg Music Festival, the Banff Music Center, the Music Academy of the West and the Tanglewood Music Center, where she worked with such artists as Margo Garrett, Martin Isepp, Graham Johnson, Martin Katz and Erik Werba. She has served previously on the music staffs of the Steans Institute at the Ravinia Festival and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Miss Iwama can be heard on CD on the Well-Tempered label, with baritone Christópheren Nomura in Schubert’s Die Schöne Müllerin, and on two ISMM discs devoted to French mélodies and the songs of Schumann with tenor Ingul Ivan Oak. She is married to pianist Frank Corliss and has two children."           

-- Kayo
Misa Iwama

"Lyric mezzo soprano Misa Ann Iwama is known as a musician of exceptional scope. She has performed on opera and concert stages throughout the United States, and appeared on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning revival of The King & I. Her artistry and musicianship have been critically acclaimed, and the Boston Globe wrote that “she has the gift of utter conviction in everything she does."

"Ms. Iwama's orchestra and oratorio engagements include the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (Mozart’s Requiem, under the direction of Zdenek Macal at the NJ Performing Arts Center), the New York Choral Society (Vaughan Williams' G minor Mass) the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (Gilbert and Sullivan’s Gondoliers), the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and the Miami Chamber Symphony. She has also appeared in New York as the soloist in Mozart’s Missa Brevis in B-Flat and the Cesar Franck Messe á 3 Voix en A-Majeur, and in Honegger's Le Roi David and Poulenc's Bal Masqué."

"Misa Ann Iwama was born with perfect pitch and is an avid performer of contemporary music. She appeared at Tanglewood’s Seiji Ozawa Hall as part of its Festival of Contemporary Music. She also performed in Boston with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project to rave reviews. She was featured in a recording of the opera Grifflekin by Lukas Foss, which is distributed on the Chandos Records label. Recently, She also sang in a recording of a world premiere of "Sundry Notes" by Joshua Rosenblum for Albany Records. Her Lincoln Center debut came as the mezzo soprano soloist in Copland’s In the Beginning with the National Chorale. With the Omni Ensemble she has performed Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire and Ravel's Chansons Madécasses. Other repertoire which she has performed as a soloist include Berio's Folk Songs, Berg's Altenberg Lieder, and Corigliano's Fern Hill at venues that include Harvard University, Underground Composers, and public television."

"Opera companies with which she has performed include Opera Carolina (Cherubino in Le Nozze di Figaro, Zerlina in Don Giovanni, Papagena in Die Zauberflöte, and Pitti-Sing in The Mikado), Central City Opera (Stephano in Roméo et Juliette and Javotte in Manon), and Glimmerglass Opera (Paul Bunyan). She also toured nationwide with the New York City Opera National Company (La Traviata). Ms. Iwama has appeared with Florida Grand Opera in Manon Lescaut, as well as in the American premiere of Cristoforo Colombo. In addition, she was Cherubino in Le Nozze di Figaro for Piedmont Opera, Zerlina in Don Giovanni with the Bronx Opera, and sang Annina for the Opera Festival of New Jersey in its production of La Traviata."

-- Misa
Yumi Iwama

"Yumi is the third Iwama daughter who studied with Mrs. Clarfield. She remembers multi-colored markings in her piano books, sweaty palms during workshops and recitals, and playing the world premier of "Amanda's Caprice" at the barefooted Mr. Collier's home. She also fondly remembers babysitting Amanda when she was "just two and a half years old" (Amanda's own words). She nominates her as one of the cutest toddlers of all time.

"Athough not having studied piano since high school, music continues to be a big part of her life. She sang in theatrical productions throughout the US in shows such as "A Christmas Carol" at Syracuse Stage, "The King and I" at Sacramento Music Circus, and "Follies" and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" at East West Players in Los Angeles.

"Other acting credits include "The New Swiss Family Robinson", "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman", "Once and Again", "Diagnosis Murder" as well as several national commercials including Toyota, Southwest Airlines, Toys R Us, ADT, and one recently for Botox. How time flies.

"Yumi currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Brian Mulligan - an actor as well as a drama teacher at Crossroads School, and her twins, Kieran and Clara. On occasion she plays the piano on the digital Yamaha grand she won on Hollywood Squares.

-- Yumi
Constance Lin Kaita

Since studying with Mrs. C from 2000-2006, I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2016, where I majored in English and Writing Seminars, and did a dual degree in Piano Performance at Peabody Conservatory where I studied with Yong Hi Moon.

After that, I spent a couple years in Philadelphia working on a PBS arts show called Articulate with Jim Cotter. Now, I'm living in Portland, OR and continuing my film career as the Production Manager of an Emmy award-winning film studio called Muse Storytelling.

In my free time, I'm a marathon runner and of course, I still play whenever I get the chance!

Christine Kim

Christine Kim is currently a senior at Swarthmore College, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Music. Her talents and interests are varied. She continues to learn and apply both quantitative and qualitative methods to understand the political, social, and economic implications of government. She is interested in pursuing finance as a career upon graduation.

Her most recent experience is working in Leveraged Finance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. She accepted an offer from Bank of America Merrill Lynch to join its Investment Banking Analyst program in July 2017. In line with working in finance, she hopes to continue encouraging and supporting her non-profit organization, Redefine Her Street, that seeks to help women from elite liberal arts colleges to successfully navigate the finance recruiting process and help provide resources for career-building.

Christine is also a pianist, and she uses her musical talent in support of non-profit organizations such as the Harmony for Peace Foundation, Hope for Henry, and Tune Up Philly. From June 2012 to December 2015, she was the pianist for the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, having previously played in this position for the Swarthmore Orchestra (2013 - 2015) as well.

At Swarthmore College, she served as Student Body President. She was chosen as a Richard Rubin Scholar and Swarthmore Foundation Grant recipient. She was honored in June 2015 as a National Association for Asian American Professionals Philadelphia Chapter Scholarship recipient, and she was honored in February 2016 as a Scholarship of Distinction recipient from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Jennifer Law

"My son, Alex, was born at the end of March and since then, I've been enjoying an extended maternity leave. He is a happy chubby boy and we are thrilled to have him. We are currently living in Houston where my husband, Andy, is an orthopedic trauma fellow. Alex has already started "playing" the piano. He loves banging on the keys loudly. Maybe he has a future playing modern music."

-- Jen
Jennifer, Jon and Jeff Law visiting with Mrs. Clarfield at the Rehab Center on Mother's Day

Jon (Psychology '99), Jen (Religion '01) and Jeff (Math '04) all graduated from Princeton University.

Jon, his wife Jasmin and two cats, recently moved to Illinois where he is attending law school after he finished his Masters degree in Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins. He still loves all things related to computers.

Jen got married in June '06 to Andy after meeting at Princeton and dating for five years. She received her Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is currently practicing with her mother, and her husband is an orthopedic surgery resident. They have two dogs and are hoping to start a family of over-achieving musical children in the near future.

Jeff has been trying out various professions since he graduated. He spent some time at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing his Masters in Performing Arts for cello, then worked at a trading firm in Manhattan while playing with various choral and orchestral groups in NJ. He is now in the Masters program for Operations Research and Finance at Princeton University. He plays piano and cello often at home and has picked up other hobbies such as rock climbing, cycling and guitar.

-- Jen,Jeff and Jon
Mrs C visits 3 alumns and their kids - Jon, Jennifer, and Jonathan Law
Amanda Li

"It has only been a few months since Amanda graduated from Mrs. Clarfield's studio, but she already misses her piano lessons with the teacher who never fails to make her laugh and smile. Amanda knows she won't be missing her laughter and music-filled lessons for long though, as she hopes to continue studying with Mrs.Clarfield when she heads off to Princeton University in the fall. As Amanda spends her senior year summer with relatives in China, she is mentally preparing herself to head off to college, an experience she is both extremely excited and nervous for. Amanda hopes that as she adjusts to both the academic and social life at Princeton, she will continue to make music a part of her life, as it has been all these years.

Thanks so much!"

Sincerely, Amanda Li
Beatrice Liang-Gilman

After finishing high school in Montgomery, New Jersey, I am now a freshman at Rutgers University. I first started to learn to play piano with Mrs. Jolanta Szewczyk in Yorktown, Virginia when I was 4 1/2 years old. She was a wonderful teacher who I studied with for 5 years. I went to the Virginia Music Teachers Association state piano competition twice, winning 2nd place in November 2007 and 1st place in November 2008. After moving to New Jersey, I studied briefly with Mrs. Malvina Potop.

I spent the next eight years of my piano carrier studying with Mrs. Clarfield. Lessons with Mrs. C. were always fun, and thanks to her guidance, I was able to earn Honors and High Honors in the spring NJMTA audition multiple times, as well as Honorable Mention in the fall NJMTA competition. I played multiple times at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and Merkin Hall. I also played at Baruch College Engelman Hall three times as a guest soloist with the Omega Ensemble, and at the State Department in Washington DC. Outside of competitions, I liked to play for NJMTA's Performathon, which helped raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. I was also a piano accompanist for the Bartle School Chorus for two years and in pit orchestra for three musicals.

While I don't expect to continue studying piano as seriously as before, I believe it will remain something I can turn to whenever I am stressed or just have some free time. Playing the piano and studying with Mrs. C have helped me grown in many ways: as a pianist, as a student, and as a person. As I continue into college and so on, I hope I will continue to use all I have learned as a foundation for my new experiences.

Charlie Liu

Charlie Liu is Junior majoring in Computer Science at Princeton University, and is one of the directors of the Princeton Piano Ensemble. He has taken part in the most renowned International and National competitions in the USA and won multiple top prizes, including 1st Prizes in the David Dubois Piano Competition and Thousand Islands International Piano Competition, 2nd Prizes in the MostArts Festival and Arthur Fraser International Piano Competition at the SouthEastern Piano Festival, 3rd Prizes in the 7th Yamaha USASU International Piano Competition. He is a seven-time 1st place winner in the New Jersey and Massachusetts Music Teacher Associations (including MTNA), and won 1st place of Steinway Society Scholarship Competition, Gold Prize of American Fine Arts Festival, and many more. At age 11, Charlie made his orchestra debut with the Bravura Philharmonic Orchestra. He has since soloed with the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra, Ambler Symphony Orchestra, twice with the MostArts Festival Orchestra, and twice with the Midwest Young Artists Orchestra in the Millennium Park in Chicago.

In 2008, Charlie won the Lang Lang International Music Foundation Scholarship and remains the youngest ever selected by the Foundation. He set a world record at age 8 by completing a Carnegie Hall "Grand Slam" (performing in all 3 concert halls of the world-famous Carnegie Hall). Charlie performed in the Youtube Symphony Orchestra debut in the Carnegie Hall, on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Oprah Winfrey Show as well as for luminaries such as Queen Rania of Jordan and Bono of U2. He also performed at other top venues across the U.S. from Lincoln Center and Merkin Hall in NY, to the Segerstrom Concert Hall in California.

Charlie is committed to helping the society and the community through his music, by initiating and organizing benefit events such as "Young Artists for Haiti" and 5 benefit solo recitals since age 9 that raised nearly $12000 for UI Children's Hospital, The Preemie Project, Plainsboro Rescue Squad and his own Rescue Music Foundation. He also regularly helps out at other charity events, fundraisers and community events, bringing the joy of classical music to local schools and communities through public solo recitals.

Charlie is also a recipient of the Scheide Fund, Elmer and Louise Menges and Dr. H. Korkina Scholarships and a participant of the Westminster Conservatory's Young Artists Program and various chamber groups. In his leisure time, Charlie enjoys a variety of video games and excelled in top level individual and team Math competitions. He was a travel hockey player for 8 years.

Charlie's Video Links
Liszt La Campanella 
Beethoven 32 Variations (13 yo, his NJMTA performance)
Beethoven Concerto No. 3 Mvt I (12 yo, Millenium Park in Chicago in 2013)

Charlie Liu Wins Lang Lang Scholarship

Charlie Liu (see biography above), an 11-year-old student of Mrs Clarfield's, was selected to be one of the first three scholarship winners ever of the inaugural Lang Lang International Music Foundation, a foundation created for introducing children to classical music. Also the youngest winner, Charlie performed first with the immensely popular Chopin's Nocturne Op 9 No 2 to the enthusiastic applause of hundreds of New York City school children as well as adult classical music lovers. Mrs. Clarfield taught Charlie the piece using her special edition of this beautiful Nocturne. Ever so encouraging, Lang Lang even joked that Charlie performed better than he did! After the concert concluded, the Time For Kids magazine chose to interview Charlie after being "very impressed with his Bio".

Jun Liu
"Jun Liu is a resident of Edison, New Jersey and studied with Mrs. Clarfield from 1998-2003. She graduated from high school in June 2003 and is currently in her third year at MIT. She is a double major in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Music, and hopes to pursue a Ph. D. in neuroscience or a related field. She has gotten involved in research for over a year and has worked in Professor Mriganka Sur's lab at MIT and Professor Michael Goldberg's lab in Columbia University. Her projects in those labs have consisted of studying the interplay of attention and vision in macaque monkeys. She has recently become interested in artificial intelligence and hopes to take on some research projects in that field. She keeps music an active part of her life, playing with chamber groups, studying privately under the Emerson Music Scholarship, and taking theory classes. "
-- Jun
Ralles Liu

Ralles is a senior 17 years of age studying at West Windsor Plainsboro High School North. He has been studying with Ingrid Clarfield, Professor of Piano at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, since 2011.

Being a senior means that life is changing rapidly for Ralles. Not only are college applications fast approaching, but also school workload continues to mount. However senior year isn’t all negatives, being a senior also means being much more independent. Mainly thanks to his license, Ralles has much more freedom to go where he wants or do what he pleases. Despite these various changes that come with senior year, Ralles is glad to know that piano is something that will remain in his life. As busy as he may be he will always make sure to allocate time to play piano.

Ralles began playing piano in kindergarten and always loved music. Before studying with Mrs. Clarfield, Ralles studied with Mr. Yining Wang and later with Mrs. May Liu. Ralles feels lucky to have these two great teachers. Looking back, Ralles is amazed with his progress in piano, and is proud to be able to study with Mrs. Clarfield. He has received awards in various competitions such as NJMTA and Golden Key, Crescendo and performed at many renowned stages such as Carnegie Hall.

Each of Mrs. Clarfield's piano lessons are both beneficial and engaging. Whether Mrs. Clarfield is reprimanding Ralles for his lack of dynamics or poking fun at his inconsistent tempo, every lesson helps improve Ralles' piano ability. Last year he won 3rd place at the NJMTA Young Musicians Competition which was something he had not expected. This year, Ralles will be going into the competition with higher expectations and more confidence. In addition to piano ability, Mrs. Clarfield's lessons are also filled with life lessons. Ralles feels that these life lessons are even more important because they will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Outside of piano, Ralles has been playing travel soccer for over 6 years. This year he is excited to play for the varsity squad. Playing sports has always been a way for Ralles to release stress and stay healthy. The workload of senior year has significantly increased but, Ralles enjoys his classes and socializing with his friends in school. Outside of school, Ralles enjoys playing video games such as League of Legends.

Ralles is excited to be able to continue his musical career with Mrs. Clarfield, despite the occasional scheduling conflict.

Sarah Liu

Sarah Liu is a sophomore double major at Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music. She first started to play the piano right before she turned five years old, and learned with her great aunt, May Liu. From the start, it was apparent to her family and relatives that she had a strong passion for music and the arts so they put a lot of time and effort to help Sarah achieve her full potential. Sarah put in hours a day to play the piano leading her to win numerous awards.

After a couple years of studying piano, her great aunt was very impressed by Ingrid Clarfield who is a piano professor at Westminster Choir College. Sarah and her great aunt had heard many of her students play in recitals, performances, and parties and they were both awed by how exceptional they were. Sarah's family and piano teacher concluded that this was a result of a great piano teacher. Shortly after, Sarah auditioned for a spot in Mrs.Clarfied's studio in hope of being as good as the other students in her studio, and after working very hard, she was so excited to be accepted.

Sarah loves working with Mrs.Clarfield. She is always so welcoming and cheerful during lessons even when she is exhausted from such a long day. She has such a positive attitude towards her students, not putting them down if they had a memory slip or down day during a performance, competition, or audition, only encouraging them to move on and learn from their mistakes. At the same time, she pushes her students to do better every time.

As a result of her correct teaching, Sarah succeeded in piano. She won numerous awards in competition such as Young Musicians Competitions, NJMTA, Cecilian, Young Pianist Competition in New York, Piano Teacher's Congress, Crescendo, Music Fest, IMPACT, etc. As a result of winning some competitions, Sarah was able to perform in Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, and many other places. She also participated in the Ronald McDonald donation foundation Center that helped kids who were sick, where she raised hundreds of dollars and performed no one of Van Cliburn's pianos.

Other than practicing piano, Sarah loves spending time with her friends, drawing, and playing soccer. Sarah plays soccer in a club called Mercer FC and her team name is Santos.

Sarah is very excited to take on her second year in high school and hopes to do well in her extracurricular activities too, such as piano and soccer.

- Sarah

Christine McLeavey
(Princeton University '01)

I'm now at Stanford, studying Neuroscience & doing a Masters in Medicine. I won the concerto competition & will be performing with the orchestra probably this November (either Prok 3 or Chopin 1, I haven't decided yet). I graduated Juilliard in '04 with my masters, and stayed around NYC for a while freelancing (probably most interesting is I was rehearsal pianist for the NY Phil at one point, and play house concerts for Ms. Whitney - head of the family that owns the art museum). I won the Coup de Couer de Bayer Cropscience prize in the Lyon International Chamber Music Competition in '06, and was on French TV and Radio France for that. I also attended Tanglewood in '04 and Banff Keyboard Festival in '06 and '07.

*note from IC -- Christine graduated as Valedictorian Majoring in Physics with Certificates in Engineering and Piano Performance

Kelly Chung Mukherjee

I had the honor and great fortune of studying with Mrs. Clarfield for about 5 years in the early 90's during my middle school / high school years. I have wonderful memories of video-taped lessons, colorful markings all over my music, countless number of competitions, and performing at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, all thanks to Mrs. Clarfield. I truly believe it was because of Mrs. Clarfield that I got an Ivy League education. All of my college essays were about piano, and I couldn't have gotten as far as I did without Mrs. Clarfield. I went to Cornell University and received my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering. I started off my career at Motorola and later worked for various software companies as a project manager / business analyst / systems engineer.

I am currently married with two children, Aidan and Kyle. I didn't play the piano much after I went to college until I started teaching my kids piano a couple of years ago in Phoenix, AZ. Then I realized how hard it was to teach your own children and I wished I had Mrs. Clarfield around to help me! They currently study with another teacher and I can share some of the techniques that Mrs. Clarfield instilled in me to help them practice.

We recently moved to NYC and we hope to reconnect with Mrs. Clarfield and take the children to one of her performances/recitals!

-- Kelly Chung Mukherjee

Anand Nanduri

I am a freshman at Yale University planning to major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Ever since the age of 5, I have loved practicing and performing piano. Exploring the beauty and magic of music was what originally enticed me to play the piano. Now, having played pieces written by all-time-greats including Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Debussy, I know that beginning piano at the age of 5 was the right decision - but that there is still so much more to explore.

My sister, Aparna, initially introduced me to the fundamentals of piano. I continued learning piano under the tutelage of Mrs. Marina Kreslin who guided me in the right direction, introducing me to many new pieces, composers, and concepts of music theory. In the summer before 9th grade, I was very fortunate to have been accepted into Mrs. Clarfield's music studio. Under her teaching, I was able to broaden my understanding of music by learning how to practice more effectively and perform with confidence. With Mrs. Clarfield I have competed in many competitions with fruitful results, including 1st place in the NJMTA fall audition, first place in Crescendo Festival, Grand Prix in Music Fest, third place in the Steinway Society Competition, High Honors in NJMTA's spring audition, several performances in Carnegie Hall, as well as participating in the Children Helping Children Performathon event, helping to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House each year.

I truly am so fortunate to have been a part of Mrs. Clarfield's studio for four years. In that time, I have grown immensely as a pianist, a musician, and a person in general. In those years, I somehow grew more disciplined, more competitive, and more able to enjoy music at the same time. At Yale, I am still trying to figure out how to explore music further, but I find myself returning to a piano whenever I feel stressed out.

-- Anand
Amanda Clarfield Newell

"Amanda Clarfield Newell is busy raising her two kids (see Grandma Ingie’s pictures), teaching General Music in Manalapan (just got tenure – woo hoo!), working on her Masters in Music Education at Westminster, teaching private piano and in her free time (ha ha) started a business making custom hairbows for little girls (visit us at .

-- Amanda Clarfield Newell
Andreea Pauta

Andreea Pautza In Concert
Friday, January 20th
Cafe Vivaldi, Listening Room - 7:30 pm
With the full band!!
*Josh Feinberg, bass * Eric Platz, drums * Jeremy Udden, saxophones
Free show for directions

"I was a private student of Mrs. Clarfield all throughout highschool. I attended the New England Conservatory of Music, and graduated with my Bachelors in Piano performance.Most recently, I graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with my Masters in Arts in Education. Performing and teaching are very important and fulfilling aspects of my life. I recently relocated to New York City, in hopes of pursuing both. I currently have an album out of my original compositions for piano and band (sax, drums, bass, others), which is more in the third stream character (third stream being a mixture of the first 2 streams, classical and jazz).  I'm currently working towards my second album, just recorded in June in Boston.  I'm also part of a metal band (yes, metal), as a singer (kind of like Evanescence), and my current passions involve songwriting for the piano and voice.  Please stay in touch, if you have any questions, or if you're ever in NYC to see a gig.  You can also check out my websites and listen to some tracks: for the metal tunes as well as bio, and tracks from the first CD.  The second site, contains new band information, with some excerpts from the second album (yet to be released). Also, you may email me at  Looking forward to hearing from all of you! "

Yanjie Qiu

I am a junior at Amherst College and previously attended West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South. I have played piano for fourteen years, five of which were spent with Mrs. Clarfield, and have competed in several competitions including the PTC of New York, where I won the best performance of an American composer award in 2013 and 3rd place in 2014, Cecilian Club, where I won first in 2013 and 2014, NJMTA, where I have been awarded Honors in 2010 and High Honors since 2011, and Bravura Concerto Competition. In addition, in the past I have been selected for master classes with renowned pianists Jerome Rose and Steven Spooner, and have accompanied other musicians multiple times in string instrument and singing auditions. I have also performed in Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall and Lincoln Center, and participated in the NJMTA Performathon from 2012 until 2016 to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. In 2012, I organized a Hurricane Sandy relief concert with the studio and raised over $1,000 for those affected by the storm.

Outside of piano, I spend a lot of time taking care of the three fish tanks and windowsill full of various types of plants that I keep in my dorm room; a hobby that I share with my younger sister. Even though I'm away from home, I also devote a few minutes every day to fawning over my dog (who I miss very much while I'm away at school!). I also enjoy singing, writing, and creating art. My awards in art include two Gold Key awards in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition as well as several publications by Celebrating Art, and I am continuing to paint in my free time at school. I have also played violin for eleven years, and in 2014 my high school orchestra went on a tour to Italy to perform in Bologna and Padua. After high school, I have performed music including Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 "Leningrad," Tchaikovsky's "Pathetique," and Dvorak's New World Symphony as a violinist in the Amherst Symphony Orchestra.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to study with Mrs. Clarfield and am continuing to practice piano at Amherst College in my spare time, working on both classical piano repertoire as well as my own compositions (of which there are not many, and the ones that exist are still quite simple). I am part of the Amherst crew team on which I have also served as diversity representative for two years, and the sport definitely takes up a good part of each day, six days a week. I am also taking classes towards a neuroscience and music double major. This past summer, I interned at Harvard Medical School to conduct neuroscience research on the development of specific types of neurons, and in the future I hope to be able to combine my interest in neuroscience with my passion for music in a research setting.

-- Yanjie
Max Carter Su
Leslie F. Su

"Hello, Everyone! I was one of Mrs. C’s earlier students and I was also Amanda’s childhood duet partner (see picture with Amanda circa 1979). After graduating from high school, I attended the University of Michigan where I majored in Political Science. After college, I went to Boston College Law School and graduated in 1998. I am currently an attorney in Boston at a firm which specializes in bankruptcy law and commercial litigation. I live in Andover, Massachusetts (home to Phillips Academy) with my husband, Gene, our son, Max, and our dog, Zack. I have not played the piano since college, but I think that will change as my son gets older. I can only hope that I can find a teacher for Max who is as wonderful and as dedicated as Mrs. C!

-- Leslie
Daniel Suo

Hello, everyone! I was a Clarfield rugrat from the early aughts and, after a 15-year leave of absence, have come back home to Princeton. We (wife, Lisa; daughter, Charlotte; son, Lucas) live right across the street from the Choir College and I'm currently a Ph.D. student at Princeton University in Computer Science. What this really means is I chase after the kids (Charlotte's recently become mobile) and Lisa earns our keep. Despite our proximity, I haven't been able to make that many of the recitals, but plan to now that the kids are a little more under control!

Vivian Xu

Vivian Xu, 18, is a freshman at Yale University thinking of being an Applied Mathematics major concentrated in Economics. She studied piano for 13 years, 7 of which with Professor Ingrid Clarfield of Westminster Choir College of Rider University. Her former teacher was Mrs. AnLi-Young. Vivian has won numerous top awards including First Place in American Protege International Concerto Competition, First Place in American Fine Arts Festival International Concerto Competition, First Prize and Best Performer in VIVO International Music Competition, Third Place in International Young Artist Piano Competition, Third Prize in ENKOR International Music Competition and International Grande Music Competition, Finalist in Dubois Piano Festival & Competition, Alternate winner of MTNA New Jersey Junior Performance Competition, and Third Prize in International Grande Music Competition. She has also received First Prize for Associated Music Teachers League Scholarship and New Jersey Music Teachers Association Young Musicians Competition. She won Third Prize and Best Performance of Work by a Living Composer in the 2016 Piano Teachers Congress Honors Program. In 2017, she received the twelve-year award at the New Jersey Music Teachers Association Spring Auditions. She was also the Gold Prize winner of Young Pianist Competition of New Jersey for scoring the highest in all three competition divisions. Vivian was also the Third Place winner of the Distinguished Artist Competition of Shore Music Educators Association and has won prizes in the Bravura Philharmonic Orchestra Young Artists Concerto Competition, National League of Performing Arts, and Steinway Society Scholarship Competition. Being one of the five Elmer and Louise Menges Scholarship Recipients, Vivian made her orchestral solo debut performance with the Ambler Symphony in 2013. Vivian has performed as a soloist in many prestigious venues including all three halls of Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Merkin Hall, and the Kennedy Center.

Vivian studied piano at the International Institute for Young Musicians (IIYM) and worked with renowned pianists including Steven Spooner and Dr. Jack Winerock for two summers. As a result of being selected as the winner of the New Jersey State Conference Master Class, Vivian has also worked with distinguished pianist, Dr. Barry J. Snyder.

Vivian is also an avid flutist and was a member of the 2012 and 2013 Central Jersey Intermediate Regional Band. At the 2014 Central Jersey Music Educators Association Region II Concert Band Festival, Vivian received the "Outstanding Musicianship" award for her flute solo. She has been seated first chair for her school's band for five consecutive years. In 2015, she and her high school band appeared on American Idol for performing at Jax's homecoming parade.

Most importantly, Vivian is committed to using her music to help the community. She actively worked with Ronald McDonald House's Children Helping Children Performathon, The Chelsea, New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home, and Saint Peter's Hospital. She has also worked with Bravura Youth Orchestra's Chamber Ensemble and accompanied violinists and singers. Vivian especially enjoys teaching beginner pianists.

At Yale, she is planning on joining Yale Undergraduate Piano Collective and Instrumental Connection (teach New Haven kids piano lessons). She is currently a pianist for Yale's Saybrook College Orchestra in their 2017-18 season.

In her spare time, Vivian enjoys listening to music, swimming, playing tennis, skiing, traveling, and attending music concerts and festivals.

Pauline Yang

"Twenty-year-old pianist, Pauline Yang, began her piano studies at the age of five. While a student of Ingrid Clarfield, she won her first international piano competition at the age of seven in Washington, DC. In March of 1998, at the age of eleven, Ms. Yang made her Philadelphia Orchestra debut in a performance of the Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2 at the Academy of Music as a result of winning the Philadelphia Orchestra’s Albert M. Greenfield Student Competition. In the same month, Pauline made her solo recital debut at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall.

While a student at the Juilliard School, Ms. Yang won both the Pre-College’s concerto competition and Gina Bachauer Memorial Scholarship Competition in her first year. Her prizes included a full scholarship for her studies at Juilliard, as well as a solo appearance with the Pre-College Chamber Orchestra at the Juilliard Theater. Other accolades include the 1999 New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Award, third prize in the 2000 Gina Bachauer International Junior Piano Competition in Salt Lake City, first prize in the 2002 Stravinsky Awards International Piano Competition, first prize in the 2004 Lennox International Young Artists Competition in Texas, and first prize in the 2006 Klaviersommerfest Competition in Germany.

Ms. Yang has performed as soloist with the Plainfield Symphony, Battleground Arts Center Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, Juilliard Pre-College Chamber Orchestra, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Greater Newark Youth Orchestra, New Jersey Youth Festival Orchestra, Tacoma Youth Symphony (WA), Reading Symphony (PA), Ridgefield Symphony (CT), and Dallas-Richardson Symphony (TX), and most recently, the Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra at the new Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia. Pauline has also performed solo recitals at the Vancouver Academy of Music in British Columbia, the Frederic Chopin State School of Music in Poland, and the historic Ruïnekerk in Holland to a sell-out crowd. She has also performed several gala concerts at the San Lorenzo Castle in Cremona, Italy, as well as on National Public Radio’s “From the Top” Young Artists Showcase at Harvard University’s Sanders Theater. Ms. Yang was invited by the Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation to perform at the 22nd European Piano Teachers Association International Conference at Franz Liszt Music Academy’s Grand Concert Hall in Budapest, Hungary. In 2006, she was invited to perform at Australia’s prestigious Queensland Expatriate Awards Gala, hosted by the Deputy Premier of Queensland. Pauline was also a scholarship student and performer at various international music festivals, including the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, Casalmaggiore Festival in Italy, Morningside Music Bridge in Calgary, Orford Academy in Quebec, Gold Country Piano Institute in California, the Warsaw Piano Workshop in Poland, the International Holland Music Sessions in The Netherlands, Sarasota International Music Festival in Florida, and the Klaviersommerfest in Germany.

Pauline is honored to be an Ambassador of Music for ‘Music in Me,’ a non-profit organization associated with the United Nations™ (UNESCO and UNRWA) and the International Music Council, that reaches children “who would otherwise be deprived of music due to war and poverty” in the Middle East, namely Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. Ms. Yang donates her time and fees when performing benefit recitals on behalf of Music in Me.

She is also an active chamber musician and has performed in masterclasses with members of the Shanghai Quartet, Takacs Quartet, and Eroica Trio. A founding member of the Pegasus Piano Trio, the winner of the 2007 USC Chamber Music Prize, the Trio has performed at USC’s Chamber Music Marathon in Los Angeles, the South Pasadena Chamber Music Society Concert Series, the Nevada City Composers Cooperative Concert Series, and the Music in the Mountains Festival’s Wet Ink Concert Series in northern California. In August 2007, the Pegasus Trio performed a series of concerts at the Rencontres Franco-Américaines de Musique de Chambre in France as well as the Rio International Cello Encounter in Brazil. They have also had the honor of having several commissioned pieces written for them by American composers, Mark Vance and William Jay Sydeman. Pauline’s chamber music recordings have been broadcast on New York City’s WQXR and Los Angeles’ KUSC classical music radio stations.

Ms. Yang graduated from East Brunswick High School (NJ) in June 2005, where she was the Secretary General of the nationally-acclaimed Model United Nations team, a member of both the National Honor Society and the National Italian Honor Society, a member of the varsity swim team, an AP Scholar and an Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholar. As an active member of her school’s Institute of Political and Legal Education team, she won both a state and national championship in the 2005 “We the People: The Citizen and Constitution” competition in New Jersey and Washington, DC, respectively.

Pauline has studied for several years with Lee Kum-Sing in Vancouver and Susan Starr in Philadelphia. She is currently studying with world-renowned pianist, John Perry, at the University of Southern California, where she is double-majoring in piano performance and political science. She has served as the student assistant coach for USC’s Varsity Swim Team and is a contributing member of a groundbreaking medical anthropology and occupational therapy research project funded by a $2.4M grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH) at USC’s Keck School of Medicine. Ms. Yang has been honored for her academic achievements by Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Golden Key International Honor Society. She was named the 2006 USC Mortar Board Torch & Tassel Scholar, selected from the entire sophomore class “for outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service” and was also awarded the 2007 USC Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics Summer Fellowship. Consequently, Ms. Yang interned with her Congressman, Representative Rush Holt (NJ-12th), at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC this past summer. She will be interning with Senator Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Exploratory Committee in New York City this winter.


"I had the pleasure and honor of studying with Mrs. Clarfield during high school, when I first moved to New Jersey from Canada. I am now an undergraduate at Dartmouth College, and am thinking of majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Music. At college, I take private piano lessons with Sally Pinkas and try to join as many chamber groups as my crammed schedule allows. I also love languages. I speak fluent French and I took Italian last year and am going to Rome this winter on a Language Study Abroad program. My future goals include going to optometry school, and keeping music in my life forever."               

-- Theresa
Jonathan Yao

I'm now starting my second year of medical school at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson. Studying piano under Mrs. Clarfield has greatly influenced my medical studies. As with music, medicine is both a science and an art. With patience and grit, one can learn the technicalities of medicine. With humanity and soul, one can seek transcendence in the human condition. The time spent with Mrs. Clarfield has been a precious honor, teaching me so much about curiosity, resilience, and dignity.

Laurissa Yee

" Hello everyone! I have studied with Mrs. Clarfield for eight wonderful years. I am now a sophomore at Princeton University majoring in Operations Research & Financial Engineering. Although I had never heard of the subject prior to entering Princeton (and, to my chagrin at the time, realized that nobody seemed to know what it was either!), I love the study of probability, stochastics, and finance. I hope to pursue an MBA in finance and/or a Ph.D in Operations Research. Life has been great this past year; I've learned a lot and made a lot of friends. Though I was pretty busy this year, I managed to find a little time to play piano to balance my crazy days.

I missed performance so much that I decided to take a Beethoven class this semester. I know, I know. Why not Chopin? Or Liszt? Maybe if I beg enough, they'll open a course for me next year! I still remember those days when Mrs. Clarfield would put beanie babies on my shoulder during a sedate Chopin nocturne to keep me from moving too much! I have never had a teacher more energetic, more passionate, and more inspiring than Mrs. Clarfield. To all the present students of Mrs. Clarfield -- keep up the good work! You are truly lucky to have Mrs. Clarfield as your teacher.

I would love to hear from everyone from the studio; feel free to email me.              

-- Laurissa
Jennifer Ying

"2010 has been a big year--Bought a house, graduated from law school, took the bar, passed the bar, had a cat adopt us, and got married! Currently living in Wilmington, Delaware with my new husband and cat. Life is good. Hope all is well with everyone!"

-- Jen

Raymond Zhang

Hi! My name is Raymond Zhang, and I’m 13 years old! I was a student of Ms. Clarfield for four fantastic years, during which Ms. Clarfield was just a fabulous piano teacher. Last year I had to say goodbye to Ms. Clarfield (sniff…) and move to Seattle, Washington, where I am now part of the Early Entrance Program at the University of Washington. (I can’t believe I’m a freshman in college now!) I plan to major in Computer Sciences (otherwise known as Information Technologies), and Medicine. I also hope to keep the piano in my life by minoring (or maybe even majoring) in Music. Here in Seattle, I have piano lessons with Mr. Schultz, who is a wonderful teacher. That’s about it about me!

P.S. And to everybody back in Princeton, especially dear Ms. Clarfield, her husband, and her studio: “Hi! Hope you guys are doing well, and for the students, keep practicing!”


--Raymond Zhang